Buddy Teacher System 실시 안내

Buddy Teacher System 실시 안내

필인터스쿨에서는 학습자의 수업동기 촉진 및 학사관리의 일환으로 BUDDY TEACHER SYSTEM을 실시합니다.  
학생 1명당 BUDDY TEACHER 1명이 전담 배정되어, 수업적응에서부터 평가, 상담, 시험준비, ACTIVITY 활동 등에서 ‘영어학습 도우미’ 역할을 수행 할 것입니다.


1. Adjustment for new students enrolled in our school
  처음 필인터에 온 학생을 위한 현지적응 도움

New students will no longer feel alienated with the varieties of cultures and places in Cebu. They will be guided by their buddies to immerse themselves in our Cebuano cultures. The following items may give you some tips on how to improve their stay here:

- To guide the students on how to use the facilities in and out of our school.
- Accompanying or giving them the basic procedures on how to exchange denominations from Korean to Filipino currency
- Familiarizing with the places by obtaining information about the geography of Cebu.
- Giving information on how to use Public Utility Vehicles (PUV’s) as a transportation option.

2. 1:1 Class evaluation
일대일수업 평가

Consultation with teachers who are assigned to the students subject matter. Monitoring of students speed in learning and level would be an advantage in providing more vital information on steps on how to improve their studies. Reinforcing the weak points in their studies and giving suggestions to the office on what areas needs to be improved with the use of the BUDDY CARD as verification. Wither giving them more hours on a certain subject matter and changing some that may not be of use.

3. Motivation of student.
  학습동기 제공

Consultation to students during no class time about their weak points. Checking their levels wither they need acceleration or status as remain. Checking textbook’s and inquiring the students if they want to speed up their units or review some important units that have been taught. Also underlining the importance in using English outside the hallways.

4. Tutorial
학습도우미 역할

Assessing students prior to activities held in school such as Speech Contests, Progress Tests and Friday Quizzes. Giving them lessons and reviews based on the activities prearranged.

5. Improvement.
영어능력 향상과 관련한 모든 부분의 책임 역할

In regards to the context written above, the main guideline that needs to be met is the responsibility for the improvement of the student based on their English ability. Thus, all the efforts mentioned is a way to immerse them in an English-based partnership where they will be able to communicate and use the English context in the right approach. This program will serve as an assurance that this system compensates all the weak points that the school has ordealed during the past seasons.

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