to philinter. this is Jun!

hello this is jun !
do ya still remember the night of september 2005? haha
im really doing well now. how about you guys?
when looking back on the whole memory of philinter life
still its such a turn-on.. i guess im kidding its a really precious treat for me.
I really wanna thank to my –
Irish my mommy! how cute is gonna your 2nd baby? i really wanna see it someday.
my best teacher Mike I dont even have to have a comment about your wholeheartedness for me. cuz everybody know it TOO well !
Shasha the eraser you gave me couldnt erase my memory about you. you are the most generous and emotional philipina ive ever met in.. your study room. haha.
especially my damn great dude Nino who give me a chance to be taken like a gangster movie! haha. we gonna face that poor sick chinese driver together right?!
Fresh for what its worth Im missing the picture you riding the motorcycle !
Jane i cant imagine you do forget about our promise that you would dance when I rap in 2006.
Jecil-Shiela I once thought you girls were twins;; unmistakable! …im sorry-_-.
Jasmine Oh My God. you made me as the king of the september night in phil; ;
for the last time Beth your letter was so impressive as much as your tearful face for me when I said goodbye to skool !

and I miss you all guys that I didnt say name up there.
I will be back to Cebu and gonna enjoy the amazing philinter life again with you guys someday.

you choose either of them and mail me. as a matter of fact I forgot the whole e-mail adresses of you.

from the supergenious handsome hobit Jun the student 2005.sep-2006.jan in philinter.

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