progress test information(jan 30, 2009)

I. The progress test is on January 30, 2009 at 8:30 am.

II. Information

1. As students enter the school, Information Teachers (Yen, Tiny ad Neva) will provide a permit slip.

2. After 9:30 am ther won’t be any clerance slips to be distributed. Be sure to come early to be able to take the test.

3. There are five areas:
   1) Listening, 2) Reading and Vocabulary, 3) Grammar, 4) Speaking 5) Writing and Structure. Students must take all the areas according to their desired order.

When students are doen with all the test, the permit slip must be returned to the information teachers.

Later, teachers will post the anser key on the bulletin board.

III. Classroom, Teachers and Contents

1. Listening Test (50 items, Classroom 5 and 6)
   The teahcers are Jecil, Phil, Hanzel and Jendor
   >Types of exam: Listening Comprehension, Multiple Choice,
     Fill in the blanks, Chronological Order.
   >References: Internet resource, Interactions, TOEIC books, Learning to Listen and other listening materials
   >Level Items

Levels              Number of Items
101                          8
201                         11
301                         15
401                          8
501                          4
601-701                    4

2. Reading and Vocabulary Test (50 items, Cubicle A)
The teachers are Jeff, Jergen, Yam, Edmund, and FErline
   >Types of exam: Contextual clues, matching type, mu;tiple choice, and Idiomatic expressions.
   >References: Textbooks used in classes, Internet source and TOEFL Vocabulary books.
   >Level Items

Levels          Number of Items
101                        7
201                       10
301                       12
401                       12
501                        5
601-701                  4

3. Grammar Test (50 items, Cubicle B)
The teachers are Joan, Tine, Gladys, and Cheryl
>Types of exam: Multiple choices and identifying error.
   >References: Basic, Intermediate and Advance grammar, TOEIC and TOEFL Preparation series
   >Level Items

Level             Number of Items
101                           5
201                          12
301                          12
401                          12
501                           5
601-701                     4

4. Speaking Test (50 items)
   >Type of exam: Article Discussion

Level                   Teachers                     Classroom
101                  Clara, Shelsa                          1
201                  Pamy, Matthew                     2
201                Hannah, Joeane, Charlotte        3
301,401,501       Karen, Suzie, Wilma, Lane      4

5. Writing (50 items, Cubicle C)
The teachers are Lilet, Pcai and May
   >Type of exam: Paragraph Writing
   >References: All School Writing Books
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