Speaking Test Description

DESCRIPTION: This test is used to provide students with ample knowledge of the words utilized in the article. The test may use topics such as health, science, technology, general information, current events, etc. Students will read and explain by summarizing the topic selected. Students must have an idea about the topic/article they have read and demonstrate their understanding.

INTRUCTIONS: Students will have to read the article out loud. The teahers will determine the student’s pronunciation and information skills. Scores will be marked on the score sheets and teachers will ask questions.

The questions will be divided into three pars: Technical, Vocabulary, and Opinions. Teachers will score the students based on vocabulary, how well they understand the article, grammar.

PRONUNCIATION                   10 POINTS
INTONATION                        10 POINTS
VOCABULARY                        10 POINTS
GRAMMAR                             10 POINTS
              TOTAL POINTS        50 POINTS

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