Go for it!

Go for it! / ? ?

By: Teacher?Maryvic?S. Bernardo / ? ?


Majority of the students who come?to Philinter study general ESL- in this course we have 5 major subjects such as Grammar, Reading & Vocabulary,?Writing, Speaking and Listening. ?Of these?5, I’m usually given the task to teach Vocabulary and Writing. ?In vocabulary class, Reading is included, thus to a certain degree, I also teach my students alittle pronunciation and intonation as both are part of developing one’s?reading skills. ?Vocabulary like Grammar is a basic learning in order to develop skills in listening, speaking and writing. ?I teach my students vocabulary words the commonly used ones that they need for communication.


On the other hand, Writing is also an important subject. ?In this course, I teach my students how to organize their ideas, how to use formal vocabulary?words appropriate for writing.

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