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오늘은 관계대명사의 첫번째 파트이죠~

“who”, ” whose”, “whom”



“Who” is a subject pronoun like “he,” “she” and “we.” We use “who” to ask

​ which person does an action or which person is a certain way.

• Who made the birthday cake?
• Who is in the kitchen?
• Who is going to do the dishes?

“Whom” is an object pronoun like “him,” “her” and “us.” We use “whom” to ask

which person receives an action.

• Whom are you going to invite?
• Whom did he blame for the accident?
• Whom did he hire to do the job?

“Whose” is a possessive pronoun like “his,” “her” and “our.” We use “whose” to find out

which person something belongs to.

• Whose camera is this?
• Whose dog is barking outside?
• Whose cell phone keeps ringing?

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