“Hitting two birds with one stone”

“Hitting two birds with one stone”

/ By: Clifford B.? Malinao /


IELTS is challenging to study not just to students, but even to teachers. A learner, especially the trainer, of it must possess good average to high level vocabulary range in order to achieve comprehension of the lengthy passages. Good vocabulary control is also necessary especially in writing and speaking; and good listening comprehension to understand recorded conversations, speeches, and talks.

Is achieving above mentioned standards all we receive from IELTS? Not really. Knowledge of different disciplines is also gained. Consider the various passages you will have read, which are taken from a wide range of sources – scientific journals and magazines, for instance, and speeches you will have listened to in at least a month of study and you will realize how knowledgeable you can be. Reread the passages more carefully and you will learn a lot more.

Thus, you have all the reasons to pursue your studies in IELTS. Join us, meet the standards of IELTS, and broaden your perspective.

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