All ready Already

English Tip : All Ready VS. Already


필리핀 세부 필인터 어학원 입니다.



오늘은 영어 공부하기 좋은 금요일 ㅋㅋ이지요.

해서, 또 다시 찾아온 헷갈리는 단어!


All Ready VS. Already

사전 적인 의미로는요~

All Ready : 사물이나 사람이 완벽하게 준비되어 있는 상태

Already : 부사로서 이미, 벌써 라는 뜻으로 상황 또는 문제가 엄연히 존재함을 강조합니다.

All ready Already

예를 봅시당~

ALL READY means “everyone or everything is completely prepared”.



  1. As soon as I put my coat on, I’ll be ALL READY.
  2. Jillian is ALL READY.
  3. We were ALL READY to study grammar.
  4. I am ALL READY.
  5. The children were ALL READY and bundled up warmly to go carolling on the snowy evening.

ALREADY is an adverb that indicates an action is completed by a certain time.

It is also?used?to?say?that?a?situation?exists?at?an?earlier?time?than?expected.


  1. Mark had ALREADY finished the whole pie by the time his guests arrived.
  2. I’d?ALREADY?left by the time you called.
  3. Flight 102 will?ALREADY?have taken off by the time Flight 101 lands.
  4. Have they arrived?ALREADY?! I’m still not dressed!
  5. She?already?knows?the?answer.

결과적으로 실행할 준비가 되어진 상태와 실행이 완료된 상황 이라고 보면 되겠죠???

여러분 모두 헷갈리는 단어 없는날까지 , 화이팅!


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