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English Tip : BY VS. UNTIL


필리핀 세부 필인터 어학원 입니다.


오늘도 어김없이 찿아온 영어 공부의 시간!!

쉼없이 시작해 봅시다~~*


사전 적인 의미로는요~

BY ( plus a time ) = not later than : 접속사로서 (늦어도)… 까지는[쯤에는]

- Something happens by a time in the future

-not later than a particular time or date

UNTIL (or till) : 접속사, 전치사로서?…(때)까지

-is used to say how long a situation continues. Something continues until a time in the future.

-happening or done up to a particular point in time, and then stopping

By Vs

예를 봅시당~


  1. She is very busy this week. She has to finish this report?BY?Wednesday.
  2. They hope to build the offices?BY?March next year.
  3. You will need to hand your project in?BY?the end of next week.
  4. The meeting should have finished BY 4:30.
  5. Application forms must be received BY March 31st.


  1. She is very busy this week. She won’t have any time?UNTIL?Wednesday.
  2. The kidnappers have given us UNTIL October 11th to deliver the documents.
  3. Perry was leading the race UNTIL the final bend.
  4. Baker is expected to be here UNTIL the end of the week.
  5. I was employed by a manufacturing company UNTIL 1999.
  6. You’ll just have to wait UNTIL they call your name.
  7. Yesterday he stayed in bed?UNTIL?12:00.
  8. Keep going UNTIL I tell you to stop.


BY와 UNTIL 은 우리말로 ~까지로 똑같이 해석되지만 의미상의 차이가 있습니다.

BY는 일회성 행위와 같이 쓰입니다. 즉 확정적인 결말을 가지고 있는 행위에 쓰이는 것이죠.

그러나 UNTIL은 지속성 행위와 같이 씁니다. 그렇기에 미래완료 시제와 같이 사용할수 없는 것이구요.

여러분 모두 헷갈리는 단어 없는날까지 , 화이팅!


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