For and DURING

English Tip : For and During


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For and DURING

??사전 적인 의미로는요~

FOR : [전치사] (정해진 날짜?시간을 나타내어) …에[일자의]

FOR is used to say?how long it lasts.?It?is followed by a?length of time:?for?one hour.
It answers the question:”?How long?”

1. It rained?FOR?five hours.
2. Tony is going to San Francisco?FOR a week.

3. Simon has been sleeping FOR 8 hours.

4. We waited FOR 30 minutes outside your house.

5. I have been standing here?FOR?10 minutes.

DURING? : [전치사] … 동안[내내], (…하는) 중에

DURING?is used to say?when something happens. ?It is followed by a?noun.
It means?’throughout the period’ or?’in the course of’?an action or event.




1. Her grandfather died?DURING?the war.
2. Kevin left?DURING the meeting.

3. Nobody spoke DURING the presentation.

4. We get plenty of snow here DURING the winter.

5. DURING?the summer I go to the beach as often as possible.

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