English Tip : HARD VS. HARDLY


필리핀 세부 필인터 어학원 입니다.

오늘도 어김없이 찿아온 영어 공부의 시간!!

쉼없이 시작해 봅시다~~*



HARD : [형용사] 단단한, 굳은, 딱딱한


-difficult to understand, do, experience or deal with; needing or using a lot of physical or mental effort

-very firm or solid : not easy to bend, cut, etc. : not soft

- severe or harsh : having a lot of pain, trouble, or worries



  1. He has learned a?HARD?lesson.
  2. Their story is?HARD?to believe.
  3. I learned the?HARD?way.
  4. We’re going to have to make some?HARD choices.
  5. It’s?HARD?to tell what she’s thinking.

HARDLY?:[부사] 거의 … 아니다, 없다

-almost not at all

-used to say that something reached a specified condition or happened only a short time before


  1. We?HARDLY?ever see our friends because they are busy.
  2. I can?HARDLY?wait for the fun to begin!
  3. It?HARDLY?matters what I think.
  4. The changes in service have?HARDLY?been noticed.
  5. There are?HARDLY?any new features in this software.




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