English Tip : LOATH VS. LOATHE


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LOATH : [형용사] ~ to do sth (격식) ~하기를 꺼리는


-unwilling to do something contrary to one’s ways of thinking?



  1. He was LOATH to admit that he was included in the deal.
  2. I am LOATH to spend time with my co-workers outside work.
  3. The teacher was LOATH?to let the students turn in papers late, but he made an exception for the girl who had missed class due to illness.
  4. Karen was LOATH to leave.
  5. I was LOATH to accept his claim of having climbed Mount Everest.

LOATHE : [동사](진행형으로는 쓰이지 않음)혐오하다

??????????????????? [형용사]~ to do sth(격식)~하기를 꺼리는


-to dislike greatly

-to hate (someone or something) very much



  1. I LOATHE Mark because of his attitude.
  2. When you LOATHE school so much, it is difficult to take homework seriously.
  3. The two men LOATHE each other.
  4. I LOATHE the sound of a barking dog, especially when I’m trying to sleep!
  5. He LOATHES being corrected.


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