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English Tip : Run Out


필리핀 세부 필인터 어학원 입니다.

오늘도 어김없이 찿아온 영어 공부의 시간!!

쉼없이 시작해 봅시다~~*

Run Out

?run out


RUN OUT : (공급품이) 다 떨어지다[되다]


-to come to an end

-to become exhausted or used up



1. The car RAN OUT of gas, so my father couldn’t use it.

2. Our water is about to RUN OUT.

3. Mark RAN OUT of money, so he couldn’t buy a new cellphone.

4.We’ve RUN OUT of time, so let’s continue our discussion tomorrow.

5.I think we RAN OUT of coffee and sugar. Can you buy later?


여러분 모두 헷갈리는 단어 없는날까지 , 화이팅!



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