English Tip : Agreeing and Disagreeing



Agreeing and Disagreeing

In a conversation, you may agree totally with what the other person said, or you may agree partially, with reservation.

On the other hand, you may mildly or even strongly disagree with the other person.? What can you say in each of these situations?? Here are some common expressions that you can use:

  • Showing Total Agreement


o? Absolutely.

o? Exactly.

o? Indeed!

o? I totally agree with you.


  • Showing Partial Agreement


o? You may be right.

o? Well, perhaps (you’re right).

o? You might have a point there.



  • ?Showing Mild Disagreement


o? It may be so, but …

o? I’m not sure if I agree with you totally there.


  • ?Showing Strong Disagreement


o? I’m afraid I can’t agree with you.

o? I disagree completely.

o? You’ve got that wrong.

o? You’re dead wrong.



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