asking someone to repeat

English Tip : Asking Someone to Repeat

Asking Someone to Repeat

In a conversation, you may not be able to get everything the other person has said.

It may be because the person speaks too softly, or too fast, or maybe there are words or expressions you don’t know.

In these cases, it is perfectly OK to let the other person know that you have trouble hearing him/her. You can use some of the phrases below.

?When You Want Someone to Repeat What She/he Just Said

-I beg your pardon?
-I didn’t quite get that.
-Could you repeat that?
-Come again?

?When Someone Speaks Too Fast

-Could you speak more slowly?
-Slow down! I can’t follow you! (informal)

?When Someone Speaks Too Softly

-Could you speak louder?
-Speak up. I can’t hear you. (informal)

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asking someone to repeat

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