Taking Up A New Challenge

Taking Up A New Challenge

/ By: Barby Ann Tampus /


Ever since I started my career, I have always thought of teaching as an impelling challenge. Students are not only merely taught letters and/or numbers but are built to make a difference in their lives. This makes teaching a fulfilling job and a lifetime commitment.
I have faced multiple challenges in my profession and teaching English to multi-cultural students is one thing.
When I started teaching in this school, I was not sure to be up for the challenge. I have met a lot of new experiences that put me up to a test of my ability as a teacher. It has never been so easy to get by.
Aided by my colleagues and seniors at work, I have gotten used to the environment and everything is starting to look up.
Now I am up for a new challenge. Teaching test preparation course, such as TOEIC, can be a daunting experience for me. The things that need to be taught and, to a large extent how they are taught, depend largely on the content of the test and the way it is assessed. Many of our students are studying for the TOEIC test because they have a very real need to improve their scores. It is quite hard in the beginning because I need to start off from choosing appropriate materials to help preparing students succeed in the test.
This may seem big of a challenge and a heavy responsibility to me because the quality of my teaching and the effectiveness of my lessons may impact the lives and careers of my students.
Thus, as teachers, we help students get serious about improving their English skills and we must need to give them a sort of motivation to make the effort.

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