james REVIEW

Student Review!_Jae Hun Jung (JAMES)

james REVIEW

I decided to study in Philinter, after doing some research on the Internet. I found out that this school is well-known for its highly qualified teachers and systematic curriculum. Then, I enrolled in the IPS course which is a unique speaking course that boosts students’ speaking skills dramatically in a short period of time. I personally felt that applying English in practical situations like in a workplace and real life is essential, so I wanted to improve my speaking skills more than anything.
I took nine classes, five of which are one-on-one, two small group classes, and two big group classes. I think this system is really effective since it provides students the chance to directly communicate their thoughts. The classes are quite convenient since the teachers are always trying to encourage and motivate us to use the language in a more proper way. Studying in IPS helped me apply my theoretical knowledge about the language to real-life speaking environment.
Overall, I learned many speaking strategies to make my responses more organized and effective. I felt the gradual improvement in my spoken output and it made me more confident whenever I speak with others using English. I know, I still have a long way to go in improving my skills but the time I spent studying in Philinter was time well spent for me. All the memories with my friends and my teachers are memories I will cherish forever.

“Constant correct practice makes your speaking skills perfect!”

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