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Safety Orientation

The Chief Inspector Junnel Caadlawn, chief for operations of the Lapu-Lapu City Police Office visited Philinter Education Center to inform the staff about the recent methods and schemes the criminals use to steal valuables and to give some safety tips for us to share with our students.Some other important issues were discussed during the meeting, […]


BUSINESS TALKThis class covers areas in business including various units and topics for business simulated interaction, language work, business skills, and communicative formats.Learn English the Right way!


If a vehicle or machine breaks down it stops working.Examples:a) Our car broke down on the way to the airport and we missed our flight.b) My washing machine has broken down.c) Sorry I’m late. The train broke down.2. If you break down you are unable to control your feelings and you start to cry.Examples:a) She […]

Philinter Life by student Honey(ACE student)

Philinter LifeBy: Student Honey (ACE student)Philinter makes me feel in love because people are so nice to me.  Teachers take good care of me and teach me a lot of things, especially English.  I want to say a million thanks to all the teachers who never stop teaching me to be a better person and […]

JUNIOR’S Co-Curricular Program : LETTER WRITTING

  Letter Writing to Parents(Juniors’ Co-curricular Program)A heart-warming activity was dedicated to the parents where they heard the outpouring of emotions and gratitude from their respective children as each of them personally read their letters to their parents.  Each student wrote wholeheartedly and delivered their messages straight to their parents’ hearts.  Indeed, the kids showed […]

Co-curricular Program : Social Role Play

CO-CURRICULAR PROGRAM: SOCIAL ROLE PLAYThis program aims to develop students’ fluency and confidence in socializing. The students portray various social contexts and have different social roles to play. In the scenario, they are given scripts to memorize in a specific period of time. Mentors train them to act the roles assigned to them.Learn English the […]


The Progress Test is an examination that happens every Friday. This is designed to monitor students’ progress over time. Grammar, Writing, Reading and Vocabulary, Listening and Speaking are the areas where learners should focus on.Learn English the Right way!

세부 필인터어학원 졸업생 July 21 2017

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” – Albert SchweitzerHOSTS: Teacher Ana and Student FionaOPENING REMARKS: Teacher EpoyGRADUATES:MARY – NISHIDA NATSUKO – JapaneseIVY – YU, YA-WEN – TaiwaneseSHELLY LU – LU, HSUAN-YING – TaiwaneseWILLY – WU, BING-WEI – […]