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IELTS Listening SGC

IELTS Listening SGC     This group class focuses on strengthening the ability of students to comprehend and analyze wide range of listening materials which use varied accents, pace, and different levels of difficulty. It allowsthem to enhance their ability to use diverse techniques and essential strategies. Furthermore, the class doesn’t only focus on test taking techniques but […]


IDIOMBEAT THE HEAT- to find ways of staying cool and comfortable in very warm weather.EXAMPLES:1.The best part of summer vacation is having all that ice cream to help beat the heat.2.An iced tea is a festive way to beat the heat.3.We were up and off early to beat the heat.Learn English the Right way!


CO-CURRICULAR PROGRAM: TALK SHOW This program is a television or radio show in which various topics are discussed and listeners, viewers or the studio audience are invited to participate in the discussion. Learners will be aware of the different types of talk shows and enhance English communication skills. This will also serve as an opportunity […]