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Taking a Big Leap!

Taking a Big Leap!? /?By: T.?Lorena H. Pino? /???????????? Change is one of the toughest issues that most people are facing in their day to day lives.?Most of the people resist change that is imposed upon them and see changes as more troublesome?than its worth.?It is a struggle not only in an institution where management […]

How do my students learn grammar in my class?

How do my students learn grammar in my class? / ? ??By: Teacher Vicente A.?Picar / ? ???In my class, I usually teach the different structures and order of words. ?After that I teach?my students the different rules in?using it and the most important of all is to relate grammar in a real life situation […]

“Aim High”

“Aim High” / ? ??By: Teacher?Chona?Joy B.?Fortun / ? ???Effective communication has more to do with listening than other things. ?For someone to be able to comprehend fully well; one has to give his one hundred?percentattention, focus and dedication to the topic and not merely just lending an ear or discerns?only the part of his […]

Unity in Diversity

Unity in Diversity / ? ??By: Teacher?Marydel?A.?Bensi / ? ??Last January, a lot of junior students arrived in Philinter. ?Most of them were Koreans and the rest were Taiwanese. ?As a teacher,?seeing my students enjoying the class really motivates me. ?Thus, it is a challenge on my part since I have a few things to […]


“Commitment” / ? ??By:Teacher Nathalie M. Rivera / ? ????In Merriam-Webster Dictionary, this word means, first, a promise to do or give something; second, ?a promise to be loyal to someone or something;?and lastly which is my favourite, the attitude of someone who works very hard to do or support something.?I am proud to say […]

Buy Nothing Day Persuasive Essay

Benefits advised that instructors helped to recommend accommodations that did not infact assist the test-taker. Another review evaluated the level to which academics recognized appropriate accommodations for learners. He also managed that tutors require more professional development about testing and assessment accommodations. Elliott thinks that educators’ responsibilities of deciding upon suitable rooms could be possible […]

Just how to Publish a Publishing Log

By food-group, divide your platter at dishes. Does true love overcome all ; will be heavily discussed within the minds of several specifically those article break-up which are currently seeking answers to recover their pain. In case you have actually read a fairytale-like Cinderella, Beauty and also the Beast or Snow a solution can be […]

What Is Absolutely The Top Day To Carry On Work Interview

Skilled letters have a standard format that require to be followed strictly. By: John D. Waller –> –> If youve heard peers or your lawyer note a motion for conclusion judgment and wondered what exactly it was, allow me to lose some light on the subject while in the circumstance of an Indianapolis professional foreclosure. […]

Literature Design

What are the best option adjectives as you are able to utilize to explain it?elizabeth. People that own homes and firms from today retain driveways Dublin and specialistis solutions for a number of factors. Several of the reasons include; fixing of the lots and paving in the sidewalk, putting also and in driveways that are […]