English Tip : FAIR vs. FARE





  • agreeing with what is thought to be right or acceptable
  • treating people in a way that does not favor some over others
  • not too harsh or critical
  • an?event?held?in?a?park?or?field?for?people’s?amusement



  1. That’s a?FAIR question, and it deserves an honest reply.
  2. He is known as a very FAIR?man.
  3. I try to be?FAIR?to my children.
  4. I can’t say I liked the movie, but,?to be FAIR, parts of it are pretty funny.
  5. We?took?the?children?to?the?fair.


  • the money a person pays to travel on a bus, train, boat, or airplane or in a taxi
  • a passenger who pays a fare


  1. I need some coins for the bus?FARE.
  2. The taxi driver picked up his?FARES?at the airport.
  3. Less expensive?FARE?is available at the restaurant across the street.
  4. Coach?FARES?are?cheaper?than?rail?fares.
  5. Airline?officials?say?they?must?raise?FARES?in?order?to?cover?rising?costs.
Culminating 2015

Culminating 2015

Culminating 2015


Culminating 2015


To always ensure quality English education, Philinter regularly performs rigid training among teachers. On July 25, 2015, a new set of trainee teachers took a big leap to become promising school pillars. Hosted by Teachers Pikai and Clifford, the Graduation Rites concluded the intensive training undergone by forty new teachers.


Special awards for Grammar, Listening, Pronunciation, and Reading & Vocabulary were presented, with Teaching and Non-teaching categories. Meanwhile, Smilling Montecillo was recognized as TOEIC Highest Scorer, while Chervy Alcantara was awarded as the Most Improved Trainee.


Each trainee was awarded with certificates, and to officially get them on board, they were assigned to their respective sections, which was based on the result of the test and training.





“Why Business English?”

Why Business English?

/ By: Joshua A. Densing /


Business English course is ideal for students who want to develop the English language skills needed to communicate effectively in the exciting world of business.? Philinter’s Business English classes focus on and introduce languages associated with the global nature of business in areas such as customer service, job satisfaction, building relationships and the likes.

Increase your business English vocabularies and put them into practice in topics related to presentations, written exercises, as well as, simulated business meetings.? It is significant to understand that this course is not only for advanced students but also to students who have just started in their career.

??????????? The world is run by business will it be in technology, marketing, manufacturing and etc. That’s why Philinter’s Business course is made not just to help but also to motivate those aspiring people who want to be renowned in the world of business.


“Teaching TOEIC”

Teaching TOEIC

/ By: Lavenia Velasco /

???????????? TOEIC is one of the special courses and one of the most challenging lessons to teach.? As part of the TOEIC team, I am very happy, thankful and proud of myself because I am able to impart my knowledge and techniques on how to take TOEIC test to my students.

???????????? In Philinter, TOEIC students are taught by TOEIC teachers the techniques and strategies on how to improve their TOEIC scores and most importantly on how to manage their time in taking the said test.


“Integrated Skills”

“Integrated Skills”

/ By: Hazel Igoy /

???????????? In ESL School, one of the primary courses is General English, it uses unique and integrated skills approach that focus on all aspects of the English language including Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing, Grammar, Vocabulary and Pronunciation.? Teaching these subjects to other nationalities is quite a big challenge for us teachers, especially when we handle beginner students.? We have to make sure that our students understand and apply what they have learned in the class.? Teachers must be flexible enough and have wide background to teach all the said subjects.? Seeing your students learned these integrated skills is the best reward to any teacher.


“How To Inspire Junior ESL Students?”

How To Inspire Junior ESL Students?

/ By: Lindy Almacin /

Every child is special. Each has unique skills that others might not have.?In a classroom setting, the kid should not be treated the way the teacher wants instead, treat him/her of?who he/she is. Traditional method is good; however, it is not effective anymore in handling kids nowadays. Kids like to explore, experience, and have interactive classes.

A challenge! Right? So, take it or ignore it? But as for me, I will take the challenge. Take the challenge not because it is my profession or mission but take it because it is my passion.


“Hitting two birds with one stone”

“Hitting two birds with one stone”

/ By: Clifford B.? Malinao /


IELTS is challenging to study not just to students, but even to teachers. A learner, especially the trainer, of it must possess good average to high level vocabulary range in order to achieve comprehension of the lengthy passages. Good vocabulary control is also necessary especially in writing and speaking; and good listening comprehension to understand recorded conversations, speeches, and talks.

Is achieving above mentioned standards all we receive from IELTS? Not really. Knowledge of different disciplines is also gained. Consider the various passages you will have read, which are taken from a wide range of sources – scientific journals and magazines, for instance, and speeches you will have listened to in at least a month of study and you will realize how knowledgeable you can be. Reread the passages more carefully and you will learn a lot more.

Thus, you have all the reasons to pursue your studies in IELTS. Join us, meet the standards of IELTS, and broaden your perspective.