Karaoke Contest 2015


What better way to practice one’s command in English than singing? And what better way to sing than joining Philinter Karaoke 2015? Held on September 25, 2015, the event promotes a fun way of developing one’s English skill.

The competition was categorized into Pop, Rock, and Ballad, with male and female categories. Team categories included Duet and Rap. Kevin and Clara of Section B belted out and placed first in the male and female Ballad. While rocking it out to win the Rock category were Snow and Yui from sections D and A, Milo and Sunny, respectively representing sections C and B, reigned in Pop.

Their rendition of “Say Something by Christina Aguilera” won Joshua and Jes of section D their award in the Duet category. Meanwhile, all sections were announced winners in the Rap category, with teachers being the representative. Overall, Joshua (section D) and Clara (section B) were crowned Philinter King and Queen of Karaoke 2015.

Judging the event were Teacher Pikai and Mr. Garrick Nehls, with hosts, Teachers Diomel and Rey.