Offering Help to a Caller_06-15-16

English Tip : Offering Help to a Caller

Offering Help to a Caller

What can you say when you want to leave a message? Or, if you answer the phone, and the caller wants to speak to someone who is not available, what can you say to offer help to the caller?

Here are some common and useful expressions:
?Offering to Take a Message from a Caller
oMr. Brown is not available. Can I take a message?
oMrs. Sato is off today. Could I take a message?
oMr. Lee is busy right now. Would you like to leave a message?

?Offering to Help a Caller
oWould you like to talk to someone else?
oCould I help you?
oWould you like me to put you through to his secretary?

? Caller – Leaving a Message
oPlease tell him to call me at 438-389-3388.
oPlease ask him to give me a call at 416-908-3839.
oPlease ask him to call me back. He has my number.

?Caller – Not Leaving a Message
oI’ll call back later.
oI’ll call him again tomorrow.
oI’ll give him a call next week.

Offering Help to a Caller_06-15-16

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