Broaden Your Horizons, Study Business English

Broaden Your Horizons, Study Business English

/ By: Goen Cabatuan /

I have been teaching English in Philinter for quite some time and so far everything has lived up to my expectations.? The school offers the best educational system and has a real quality teaching force to back it up.? Without sugar coating it, this school is indeed one, if not, the best school here in Cebu.

I consider myself lucky, to have been chosen as a business teacher here.? It is an honor in itself to be a part of this institution, how much more being a teacher of the crowning glory of this school, the Business English Course.

This course has been gaining more popularity because of the effectiveness and usefulness it gives specially to professional individuals.? Yes, it is best for business people but the skills and techniques a student can learn from the course are valuable assets that any individual can utilize to improve their quality of life.? More students are interested to take the course to explore and learn even more about the English language.? This makes me happy since the more students the more I can teach.? It is fulfilling to have a job you are passionate about so to any foreign student out there let me help your horizons and let us grow together and learn together here in Philinter.