Philinter Education Center has 2 buildings inside its premises: one is the school building and the other is the dormitory. Philinter manages the two buildings separately in order to provide a good learning atmosphere.

School Facilities

The school is a two-story building, the first one being brand new. On top of the numerous classrooms the second building also has additional facilities needed for learning.
On the ground floor 4 sections with 20 cubicles each are located for 1on 1 classes and on the first floor, bigger classrooms are available.
The Administrative Office is located on the ground floor as well as Accounting and Visa Assistance Office.

  • 1on1 classes : 140
  • Small GC : 25
  • BIG GC : 3
  • Multimedia, Amphitheatre, Library/internet, Academic Lounge, Academic R & D

Dormitory Facilities

  • Each room in the dormitory has a chair, a desk, an air conditioner, a bed with a blanket and pillow, a restroom with hot water. Any student can avail a refrigerator at 1000 pesos every 4 weeks.
  • In addition, there is a 20-meter swimming pool in front of the dormitory which is a rarity in a Philippine school.
  • The dormitory has 72 rooms. 6 are single, 56 are twin, and 10 are triple.
  • Wi-Fi can be used for free in the dormitory building.

Complimentary Facilities

Our education center has a dormitory, a school building and other complimentary facilities.
The complimentary facilities, which are available on campus:

  • a. Swimming pool
  • b. Clinic
  • c. Cafeteria/dining hall
  • d. Snack bar
  • e. Laundry