About Philinter


Philinter Education Center was established on June 2003, to provide an optimal English education for non- English speaking students. The school is located in Lapu-lapu City, Cebu, Philippines.

For the school to enforce more intensive quality learning environment, on January 2008, classes were also offered on Saturdays. This was implemented so that students would have more opportunity to gain knowledge and acquire additional skills in English. As a result, the school has become more reliable in imparting excellent English instruction to students.

Philinter offers a very tight learning schedule to students. This includes homework and other extended educational activities other than the regular classes. Most regular classes have a span of 45 minutes per period which is taught by very efficient and effective section teachers.

The ratios of our students in correspondence with their nationality are the following:
Quota system of Nationality: Koreans ? 25%; Japanese ? 40%; Others (Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, Taiwanese, Mongolian) ? 30%

Moreover, from May, 2012, Philinter has been the only school that has made a quota system on the students’ nationality and a standard tuition fee system and because of this, Philinter has become exceptional among other ESL schools.

And in the purpose of having a more unique program- oriented development, Philinter does its best to provide high quality service to students and with this, Philinter has become the first member of ALTO (an international organization) in the Philippines on January 2013.

Vision / Mission / Core Values


To inspire and develop future leaders and professionals for English education


The premier education service provider renowned for English in the Philippines and beyond


We strive to match the right PHILOSOPHY of quality education

We strive to help warm HEARTS build a better future

We carry out our work and duties with INTERACTION

We offer high quality LEARNING

We continuously improve through INNOVATION

We NURTURE talents for new opportunities

We continuously improve through TEAMWORK

We strive for EXCELLENCE in our services

We take utmost RESPONSIBILITY in ensuring high quality program

Message of the chairman

Welcome to Philinter! The importance of English as a tool for communication in the globalized world today is undeniable. The need to speak the language is escalating. The easiest and the fastest way to learn this language is to use it in daily life.

To achieve this goal, the students in Philinter are generally provided with 4 one on one classes and 2 big group classes