CHALLENGE? This is it!

CHALLENGE?? This is it!

/ By:? Ana Rose Lumiares /?

A lot of people say IELTS is difficult.? However, have you ever asked yourself to try?? If you aren’t confident about your English abilities and want to become proficient, then this is it!

There are some ways on how you can reach the goal that you have your mind set on.? The most important thing is to SET YOUR TARGET.? Setting goals allows you to plan how you move to the next step.? Getting started can seem daunting, but a sense of accomplishment is the price at the end of the day.? Next, be OPTIMISTIC in everything you do.? This course erodes students’ confidence and stresses them out.? On the one hand, positivity is the key to avoid such frustrations.? Positive behaviour can’t pull you down, instead it allows you to move closer to the goal that you’re aiming for.? Finally, AIM HIGH and NEVER LIMIT your abilities.? It’s not about what you can do, but it’s about how far you can compete.? Limitations won’t lead you to the top.? It only blocks the challenges that you’re about to face.? Instead of avoiding challenges, just like IELTS, you had better jump into them.

Challenges are not barriers for you to achieve your goals.? If you have met your goals, set some bigger goals.? You have skills and abilities to make a difference.

CHALLENGE yourself and BE IT!


Essay – an intellectual, opinionated write-up

Essay – an intellectual, opinionated write-up

/ By: Maria Estela Ni?a Quiseo /

The IELTS writing examination is seen by many as the most difficult sub-test, particularly task 2, an essay. Both those taking Academic module and General Training module are required to write a 250-word essay. However, this can be made easy with these simple but essential tips.
First, the arguments that test takers want to make should be explained smartly. This means that opinions are not enough to support their argument, but facts are also necessary to make it stronger. However, before starting their essay, they must first identify the type of essay because each type requires a different approach.
Second, keep the words simple but elegant. Flamboyant words are not good since these do not help in making their grade higher. Using simple words elegantly makes it easier for the examiner to follow their view.
Finally, test takers should know what they are writing about. One can never write intelligently about a topic he is not familiar with. Content also matters in the examination. Therefore, students should read more widely before taking the exam to cope with this problem.
With these three reminders, students will be able to construct a good essay for their task. Just be patient and keep practicing.


The Secret to IELTS Success

“The Secret to IELTS Success”

/ By: Clifford B. Malinao /

Having taught and being taught at the same time while teaching IELTS for quite some time, I have realized there is no untold secret to obtaining a desirable target band score. Not just hard work coupled with perseverance but, co-importantly, good and solid foundation in English. Never would success be reached in the absence of even one element. Unfortunately, maintaining the momentum is not fun at all. It costs your time and effort. However, you are left with no better choice than to make up your mind to keep the ball rolling. Quitting should not be an option if you are totally convinced to reach your target band score. Know that hard-earned success is much more fulfilling and rewarding when you get there. ?In the end, once you have made the choice to go on until the end, everything will certainly just pay off.


IELTS Reading, not an easy feat

“IELTS Reading, not an easy feat”

/ By: Maryvic Bernardo /

???????????? It is not uncommon for students in General IELTS or Academic IELTS to complain of severe migraines after taking a Mock Test in Reading.? It shows how taxing it is for the brain to try to comprehend the 3 reading activities, most of which cover unfamiliar topics.? Students are taught skimming and scanning to be able to answer fast. This is but one strategy.? One can also read the questions first before reading the material. That is another strategy.? It all depends on the students to decide which of the strategies suit them.? Personally, I prefer to quickly read every word in the text because that is the only way I could comprehend it.


Attitude toward Learning

“Attitude toward Learning”

/ By: Jovelyn Bayon /

??????????? As one of the IELTS teachers in Philinter, I could say that teaching how to answer a test is much more difficult than teaching the knowledge itself.? Students basically need to improve their general English level first before taking the IELTS course.? It is a necessary prerequisite for this course.? IELTS Listening and IELTS Speaking are my forte.? I have met students with different priorities and attitudes toward learning.? And in my experience, those with strong dedication and initiative have succeeded in reaching their goals and acquire their target band score.? Both teachers and students must work together in order to achieve the students’ goal and prepare them for their chosen endeavour.


Listening as Your Goal

Listening as Your Goal
/ By: Rey Andales /

Actually, I was so surprised when I was told by my Team Leader that we would have training for IELTS classes. At first, I really thought that this is the easiest subject to teach. However, I think I was wrong.
I was wrong because as I did some research and review of my university lessons, I realized that listening is the first skill one must acquire in order to develop other skills. As a result of this, I tried my very best to find ways on how to help my students enhance their skills.
During the class, students really have a hard time getting along with the words, most probably because of the British accent and some word forms that are totally different from American English. We really had a hard time, at first. Yet, I taught them how to paraphrase words and how to listen for transitions and word stress that would help them catch the answers in the IELTS Listening tasks. There were some instances when the audio is fast-paced or sometimes slow. So I helped them out to get the answers carefully. Following some tips and advice, I believe that the scores of my students have improved. Furthermore, I know for sure that the best thing one must have is not only in studying, but also to have a goal to set in life. This would help students realize their aims and purpose, as well as guide them to achieve their goals.
All in all, I think Listening is a skill one must acquire; hence, the only thing that would make our goal achievable is for us to never stop practice Listening the right way.


Tips for IELTS Reading

“Tips for IELTS Reading”

By: Marites Apawan

???????????? There are things that we need to note down in taking IELTS Reading.? First, we must be familiar with the different types of questions that may appear in the test.? As we know, there are about eleven types of questions in Reading. Next, we must learn the most effective method to approach the reading section questions, especially the proper scanning and skimming techniques.? Then you have to increase your reading pace and comprehension time.? And lastly, manage the time well through strategic and analytical approach of the questions.? Considering these different tips before taking IELTS, I believe you won’t go wrong.





/ By: Diomel L. Estrera /

???????????? A lot of people find IELTS DIFFICULT and CONFUSING.? Certainly this is TRUE but if you have the skills of this course this will serve as your weapon in times when you are caught up in DIFFICULT conversations and CONFUSING vocabulary.? If you do not want to be in DIFFICULT and CONFUSING situations, study and learn IELTS the right way!


On Success and Failure

“On Success and Failure”?

/By: Chona Joy B. Fortun/

????????????????? People from all walks of life aim for success in one way or another.? More often than not, it’s associated with failure, too.? Such as the case of learning IELTS, students enrolled aspire nothing but a high band score and while at the period of studying, coupled with series of mock examinations and the not so pleasing test results, these somehow have altered their perception of success.? They ended up considering their selves as a failure.

But failure is only a failure if you consider it that way.? It continues to exist if you’re not willing to pick yourself up.? Just like a wheel, when it’s down, there’s no other way for it but to move up.? Learn from your mistakes, move forward and take appropriate actions.? Pursue your dream to be successful.