/ By: April Jane Q. Casinillo /

Teaching is not just a profession but a passion to live by me.? It is an interaction between me and my student.? If there is no desire for students to learn, teaching could be useless.? But if these two elements are present, we can be the best in the world.

As a teacher in Junior ESL, I have students of different nationalities but it was never a hindrance for me to communicate and get along with them.? With English as our second language, we are able to understand each other.? Since I deal with students with different race, each of them has unique personality and my styles of teaching would vary but rest assured after the ride my students would not forget me as their teacher as well as all the lessons I have taught them.




/ By: Geraldine T. Pulgo /

Dealing with children has come to be the most challenging task a teacher can ever experience. Maybe for some people, they would think it is easy because children are young and would easily follow instructions since teachers are more aged than them. But, it is entirely different. Given that children are juveniles, teachers have to adjust their teaching strategies as flexible as it can be, bearing in mind that children’s attention span is limited. Unexpected circumstances may also hinder the lesson proper since mood swings are normal to them. These surprisingly challenging occurrences are what make teaching hard to let go.
Personally, I have had a roller coaster ride working with young learners because they come from different cultures and ethnicities. Besides they were raised in accordance to an array of parenthood. These experiences made teaching for me extraordinary. Yet, it gives a sense of fulfillment as a teacher when they learned something in my class. No amount of worldly desire can ever replace the laughter that my students and I share together. The moments that they participate and interact in the class are those that are worthy.
I am utmost glad to be given an opportunity to be part of the Junior ESL program of Philinter. This has made me develop what I must improve in my teaching styles. Also, I have learned so many things beyond what I had studied and experienced in the past years. Though dealing with children is still a challenge, as a teacher it is essential to expect this and be ready to more complex responsibilities coming. As Confucius imparted “Learn as though you would never be able to master it; hold it as though you would be in fear of losing it.”


Study English and Apply It!

“Study English and Apply It!”

/ By: Cecil D. Borgonia /

????????????????? It is essential for students to speak English these days because it will give them vast opportunities in different fields worldwide. Through the English language, people all over the world understand each other. This is the main reason why many people, especially Asians are learning the language. There are various schools that offer English courses in Asia today. Here in the Philippines,?Philinter?is an outstanding ESL school that meets the standard of good quality education.

One of our courses, the Junior ESL course handles children from 7-17 years old. In fact, last January, many young learners have enrolled in our school. There were more than 30 students who have learnt and participated in all the activities the school has offered. Most of our students stayed for three months, and some even stayed stayed for 6 months. These kids are very participative. Two of them were the twins Harry and John. They were very bubbly and active as they participated in different activities of the school eagerly. Harry joined the “Speech Contest” and even won a place. John is more talkative now than his first month at school. They improve their speaking ability by applying what they have learnt from their teachers. Overall, their English has improved dramatically in the 6 months of studying at Philinter. Their parents were very proud of them, knowing that their sons have improved their English skills. They would like to come back and study English here again.

In conclusion, speaking English is necessary. And what do you need to do to be better at this? Study the language and apply it!


Great Things in Small Packages

“Great Things in Small Packages”

By: Axiel Rose M. Berame


Like any other thing in this world, teaching has its own boon and bane. It is never an easy job, especially when it comes to teaching English language. It can be a blessing and teachers can extend their helping hand to impart knowledge to students and let them appreciate English more. On the other hand, it can be challenge. A teacher gets high expectations from the students.

Philinter, one of the biggest schools in Cebu, offers several courses, such as General and Junior ESL. Being both General and Junior ESL teacher, I’ve had quite a lot of experience dealing with different types of students. Adult students may have a lot of demands on how they can learn easily, while junior students double the effort to do so.

As absurd it may sound, the latter requires a lot of passion, which makes it more fulfilling to accomplish. Letting an aspiring child grow and develop is a great achievement every teacher could have. As for me, I also believe that moulding the young generation can help build a strong foundation for the betterment of our future. So, being a teacher to them will always be an honour as it contributes to the progress of our society.



Grammar Goals

“Grammar Goals”

/ By: Jessica G. Yubal /

When I ask teachers what language skill they teach their junior students, grammar is usually the last one to be mentioned.? There seems to be an aversion to the word “grammar”.? I think our perspective on grammar is very important.? Teaching it doesn’t necessarily mean having language drills for the entire class.? I think grammar is one part of a balanced curriculum.? We can do games and songs and also have fun teaching it.

Perhaps, the goal of teaching grammar is to help our junior students speak with organized sentence structures, in order to make them comprehensible.? If our students learn proper speaking habits while they are young, they can become good communicators in the future.

In my experience as a teacher, it seems that junior students are good at answering questions but struggle when it comes to asking questions.? I believe it is important for us to help our students become good questioners.? This opens doors to the road of discovery and also makes communication a two-way street.


Come to the Most Awarded ESL School in Cebu


“Come to the Most Awarded ESL School in Cebu”
By: Teacher Vinna A. Rayandayan

English is, indeed, a very imperative language one should learn. Learning English can give us a lot of benefits. It can help us communicate, deal with people, bequeath us with confidence, give us the privilege to enjoy life in other countries and, most especially, safeguard the brightest future everyone hankers for.
As said, it is very effectual to egg on fledgling people to learn things ahead of schedule, purporting that in the general picture, kids can conceivably mug up everything in view of the fact that children’s brains are garden-fresh, which entails that they easily get the picture compared to adults.
Philinter is the best school, as it bids the unsurpassed superiority of education everyone is envisaging. Likewise, Philinter has upgraded its plan to perform more satisfactorily than ever.
Philinter has been offering the Junior course. It provides both kids and juniors group classes, which are comfortable for everyone. Many kids and junior students who have taken the course have wholly outshone and more are coming to get the most exceptional education from our remarkable teachers.
Philinter is waiting for you! What are you waiting for? Come and let your kids study at Philinter and experience the finest language education.
See you then!


Every Child is Special

“Every Child is Special”

By: Orlando D. Ducay

How do you handle learners with young age and mind? What kind of strategies do you use in teaching your students? What kind of teacher are you in the class? How do you make your class interesting to make your students feel interested? Here’s how.

Every child has a unique way of learning. That makes it difficult for the teacher to teach them. These kinds of learners think nothing but playing and do what they want to rather than do what they are told to. Catching and keeping students’ attention in class is a challenge. Sometimes most teachers feel like giving up because they find themselves sort of lacking preparedness in dealing with this kind of learner. Therefore, in a teaching profession passion really matters. Teachers are capable enough to set their priorities in teaching and one of those is to make their students learn. This will not be that easy even though we have that kind of priority, we should also be patient and flexible in classroom management because unlike teachers, students don’t have priority. They don’t even know what priority is.

In order to meet and give positive response to the uniqueness of students, teachers should equip themselves with various strategies and approaches. If the student cannot learn the way we teach, then consider that as a wake up call. “Teacher should teach them the way they learn”. Make the class more fun. Integrate games and more activities to the topic if that’s the only way to catch their attention and interest. Think and prepare motivating activities as much as possible that suit the level of learners because that is one thing to be considered. Students like it the most when their senses are used because they are full of curiosity which makes their minds inquisitive. Teachers should see that as an advantage to improve student skills. Young learners have very sensitive feelings and emotions. That is the reason why we should be selective with the words we use in dealing with them. Teachers don’t have to be strict in the class because it could make the students feel pressured in learning and it is never fun at all. Giving them homework after the class will be useful for them to remember the topic and the things they have learned.

Student centred learning is much more commendable than teacher centred learning. If the students want to play, then let them play, but make sure that you have the control in giving the activity and being guided by your plan and objectives of the topic. If you cannot bring them to your world, why not enter into their world? We were once a child and we know how they feel, what they want. Make complicated difficult concept and ideas easy for them to understand. Teach them in our most creative way. The essence of being a teacher understands individual differences of the students when it comes to mental capabilities, ways of learning and interests. However, understanding is not enough we should think of a solution.


Motivating Young ESL Learners

“Motivating Young ESL Learners”



???????????? Young learners need to be motivated. As a teacher, it is a daunting task for me to teach English to people with different personalities, cultures, norms and ways of accepting English as their second language. In my class, I use varieties of activities to make learning fun. Activities that boost their interest like fun games, listening to educational music, charts, and so on. Through these, I’m able to make the atmosphere conducive to learning. Gestures and any form of language are applied as a form of communication especially for low-learners. As a teacher of young ESL learners, I strongly believe that it needs to have a high degree of patience so that they would be able to digest the lesson well.



Age Doesn’t Matter in Learning English

“Age Doesn’t Matter in Learning English”?

?/ By: Cecil D. Borgonia /

Philinter has been teaching English to young learners for years. Teachers take good care of them academically and encourage them to use the language more often. In addition, educators handle kids of different ages and this is one of the school’s prides.

Philinter would like to introduce the youngest student “RIOKA TANAKA”, a 4-year-old girl who loves to study and learn English. She is very sweet and cute that nobody could resist her charming smile. Her English skill improves gradually by the careful supervision of her teachers. Now, she can read, write, understand and speak some English words.

It just shows that the flexibility of our instructors here are reliable. So what are you waiting for? Come and learn English the right way!


“How To Inspire Junior ESL Students?”

How To Inspire Junior ESL Students?

/ By: Lindy Almacin /

Every child is special. Each has unique skills that others might not have.?In a classroom setting, the kid should not be treated the way the teacher wants instead, treat him/her of?who he/she is. Traditional method is good; however, it is not effective anymore in handling kids nowadays. Kids like to explore, experience, and have interactive classes.

A challenge! Right? So, take it or ignore it? But as for me, I will take the challenge. Take the challenge not because it is my profession or mission but take it because it is my passion.