Upon successful completion of the course, students planning to study abroad, work overseas or immigrate will be able to:

  • Improve their Listening, Speaking, Academic Writing and Reading skills
  • Develop test-taking strategies specially for IELTS test.
  • Improve their overall IELTS band score.

Why study IELTS in Philinter?

Controlled number of students

  • Individual student needs and concerns are addressed immediately.

Systematic Approach and Monitoring

  • Students learn not only the techniques but also the proper, effective and efficient way to use them in different situations in the IELTS exam


  • We guarantee to provide students the latest IELTS book available in the market to keep them updated with the latest trend in the IELTS world

Personalized IELTS Class(PIC)

  • These Personalized IELTS classes are given exclusively to IELTS Full Time students, after careful analysis of their specific individual academic needs, to have a balance approach in their preparation for the actual IELTS exam.

Elite Buddy TEACHER.

  • These Elite Buddy Teachers are specialized IELTS teachers with specific skill expertise.

UNLIMITED Speaking and Writing Assessment.

  • Students speaking and writing outputs are checked and assess regularly be their 1 on 1 teachers.

IELTS Score Assurance Framework(ISAF)

  • This framework monitors and evaluates student’s performance then provides the necessary actions to ensure their success from their first day until they finish the course.

Key Information

Course length:

  • IELTS Foundation?
    • 4 ~ 8 weeks
  • IELTS Full Time?
    • Guarantee : 12 weeks
    • No Guarantee : 4 ~ 11 weeks

Start dates:?

  • ?IELTS Foundation
    • Every Monday
  • ?IELTS Full -Time
    • Official entry: enrolment at least 10 weeks before the target date of examination
    • From Foundation IELTS: immediately after obtaining least required initial level

Entry Requirements:

  • ?IELTS Foundation
    • IELTS 2.5 / TOEIC 220~300 / Philinter level 201
  • ?IELTS Full Time
    • for 5.5 : IELTS 3.5 / TOEIC 540, and Philinter level 201+ or above
    • for 6.0 : IELTS 5.0 / TOEIC 750, and Philinter level 301+ or above
    • for 6.5 : IELTS 6.0 / TOEIC 850, and Philinter level 401 or above

Key Features:

  • ?IELTS Foundation
    • General proficiency test is admistered every last Friday of the month or at least every 4 weeks from start of class.
    • If test results achieve recommended initial grade for IELTS Full-Time Course, student may have the option to transfer to a full time course.
    • Focus Mock Test on weekdays.
  • ?IELTS Full-Time
    • A guaranteed grade of 5.5/6.0/6.5 and above upon course completion.
    • Comprehensive assessment and reports of students to keep track of their progress .
    • Mock Test every Saturday and Focus Mock Test on weekdays for the entire duration.
    • Proven and tested test-taking strategies and analytical skills taught by highly trained professional teachers.
    • Dedicated personal instructor for guaranteed IELTS target score. (Elite buddy teacher system)


Initial Grade RequirementIELTS 3.0 / Philinter Level 201+IELTS 4.0/Philinter Level 301 or aboveIELTS 5.0 /Philinter Level 301+ or aboveIELTS 6.5 / Philinter Level 401 or above
Program Duration4 ~ 8 WeeksGuarantee : 12 weeks
No Guarantee : 4 ~ 11 weeks
BENEFITSTuition FeeN/ANo additional tuition fee in extension for level guarantee acquisition
Mock TestWeekdaysWeekends and Weekdays
Official TestN/AN/A
Start DatesEvery Monday10 weeks before the target date of examination
From Foundation IELTS, immediately after obtaining least required initial level

IELTS Foundation : (4~8 weeks)

(4 Times per day)
Small Group
(2 Times per day)
Big Group
(2 Times per day)
• IELTS Listening
• IELTS Reading
• IELTS Writing
• IELTS Speaking
• Grammar & Writing
• Reading and Vocabulary
• Up to 201 Classes
IELTS Mock Test
• Once in weekdays

?IELTS Full – Time : (Guarantee: 12 weeks / No Guarantee: 4~11 weeks)

(4 Times per day)
Small Group
(4 Times per day)
Big Group
(2 Times per day)
• IELTS Writing Task 1
• IELTS Writing Task 2
• IELTS Speaking
• IELTS Personalized Class
- IELTS Vocabulary
- IELTS Grammar
- IELTS Common MIstakes
- IELTS Speaking 2
• IELTS Listening
• IELTS Reading
• IELTS Reading
• IELTS Special Review
• 301+ and above classes
IELTS Mock Test
• Every Saturday
• Once in weekdays



  • A student should have a 96% overall attendance rating including Saturday mock test.
  • Tardiness occurences should not exceed required number of minutes in the full -time IELTS course.
  • Compulsory Self-Study, No Exit and Stay-Out if students have any violations.
  • A student should not have any school violations. Please refer to Rules and Violations Section.
  • A student band score must not drop below previous IELTS tests during the full-time IELTS course.


IELTS ?Team Leader

Dan Nahum Estillore?(Teacher Dan)?

  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
  • University of San Carlos

Overview of teaching materials