IELTS Full-Time Course Start date & Test date

The deadline of IELTS TEST
31-Oct-1607-Jan-1723-Dec-16A / GT / UKVI
14-Nov-1621-Jan-1706-Jan-17A / GT / UKVI
05-Dec-1611-Feb-1727-Jan-17A / GT / UKVI
12-Dec-1616-Feb-1703-Feb-17A / GT
19-Dec-1625-Feb-1710-Feb-17A / UKVI
26-Dec-1604-Mar-1717-Feb-17A / GT / UKVI
09-Jan-1718-Mar-1703-Mar-17A / UKVI
16-Jan-1725-Mar-1710-Mar-17A / GT
30-Jan-1708-Apr-1724-Mar-17A / GT / UKVI
13-Feb-1722-Apr-1707-Apr-17A / UKVI
20-Feb-1729-Apr-1714-Apr-17A / GT
27-Feb-1706-May-1721-Apr-17A / UKVI
06-Mar-1713-May-1728-Apr-17A / GT
20-Mar-1725-May-1712-May-17A / GT / UKVI
27-Mar-1703-Jun-1719-May-17A / GT / UKVI
17-Apr-1724-Jun-1709-Jun-17A / GT / UKVI
01-May-1708-Jul-1723-Jun-17A / GT / UKVI
22-May-1729-Jul-1714-Jul-17A / GT / UKVI
12-Jun-1719-Aug-1704-Aug-17A / GT / UKVI
19-Jun-1726-Aug-1711-Aug-17A / UKVI
03-Jul-1709-Sep-1725-Aug-17A / GT / UKVI
24-Jul-1730-Sep-1715-Sep-17A / GT / UKVI
07-Aug-1714-Oct-1729-Sep-17A / GT / UKVI
21-Aug-1728-Oct-1713-Oct-17A / GT / UKVI
04-Oct-1711-Nov-1727-Oct-17A / GT / UKVI
18-Oct-1725-Nov-1710-Nov-17A / UKVI
25-Oct-1702-Dec-1717-Nov-17A / GT / UKVI
09-Nov-1716-Dec-1701-Dec-17A / GT / UKVI

Registration Procedure

You have to register for the test before you can be placed on the list for a particular test date. As these fill up quickly, it is recommended that you register as soon as possible. Be aware that registration for a particular test date is based on payment of the test fee on a first come first served basis.

The deadline for submission of application is set three weeks prior to a certain test date.
Fill in the Application Form and a Philinter Office Staff sends it or take it to the test centre with your following papers

  1. valid National ID (any of the following may be considered as a valid ID)
  2. Passport (valid at least 6 months before test date)
  3. photocopy of ID
  4. 2 pieces of 2 x 2 (or passport-sized) coloured photos
  5. test fee of PhP 9,300.00

The Application Form must be duly filled in and manually signed by the candidate. Keep pages i-iv of the application form and read regulations carefully. Candidates taking the test outside their own country must present a passport.

The form can be submitted by any of the following methods:
Walk-in application
By courier or post
Online application

Send the completed form along with all requirements (except original ID) to IDP Office. Test fee can be paid in cash, bank draft or cashier’s/manager’s check. Checks must be written out to: “IDP Education Pty Ltd”
Credit card payments (Visa and Mastercard only) are acceptable for over-the-counter transactions.

For Cebu office, only manager’s check is accepted as form of payment for IELTS application.

Test Information

How is the test conducted?

The test is conducted in two parts:
? Part (a) Speaking Test
? Part (b) Written Test (Listening, Reading and Writing)

The listening, reading and writing (written parts) are held consecutively on the same day. The written parts take about three (3) hours to complete.

The speaking test only takes about 15 minutes but it is an individual test so a test schedule giving an approximate time for the test is prepared to ensure you are at the speaking test venue on time. Speaking Tests may be scheduled in the period of five days before the written parts. The venue for the speaking test may vary from the venue for the written parts of the test but candidates are advised of the correct venue.

Where are the test venues?

The venue for the test is advised to you at the time of registering (if it is known) and also confirmed by telephone or mail about one week before the test date.

A schedule and venue for the speaking test is indicated in a confirmation letter which will be sent to the candidate/agent (if candidate applied thru a review center/agency) via email one week before the test date for Manila tests.

What should I bring to the test?

For the written & speaking parts of the test, bring only the valid photo ID you used when registering for the test and 3 pieces of Mongol # 2 pencils.
Pens and erasers will be provided on the day of the test.

What NOT to bring to the test!!!!

Do not bring cell phones, handbags, any form of electronic equipment including any type of recording device, scanning device or photographic apparatus of any kind to the test. These items are banned from the test venue.
The only item allowed in the test venue is the candidates’ valid ID. Hand bags, cell phones etc. brought to the test venue will not be permitted inside the testing room IDP takes no responsibility for the safety of any items that are brought to the test venue and must be left outside the testing room by the candidate during the test.

Candidates using or attempting to use any device to record, copy or in any way duplicate test materials or to remove test materials from the test venue will have their test cancelled and the matter will be reported to the proper authorities.

Test results

The Test Report Form
You will receive a Test Report Form which reports a score for each of the four skills (listening, reading, writing and speaking), as well as an overall band score. Half band scores may be awarded to indicate a strong performance within a particular band. You can find more information on score processing and score interpretation at www.ielts.org/researchers/score_processing_and_reporting.aspx