Terms & Conditions

School Policies & Rules

Conditions of Enrollment

  • The registration fee will not be refunded after confirmation of enrollment.
  • Students shall book air ticket and study insurance through their agents after enrollment.
  • Fees (Tuition and Accommodation) have to be paid 3 weeks before the start of the course.

A Letter of Acceptance (LOA) will be issued after payment.

  • Fees of a course less than 4 weeks will be applied to the new percentage system under the following:
    • 1 week: 40% of tuition and accommodation fee for 4 weeks
    • 2 weeks: 65% of tuition and accommodation fee for 4 weeks
    • 3 weeks: 85% of tuition and accommodation fee for 4 weeks
  • Students must leave the school on the last Saturday of their stay before 1pm. The course shall commence and end on the dates indicated in the signed school application form.
  • Dual course enrollment (e.g. General ESL 8 weeks + IELTS 8 weeks) or changing of room type (e.g. Triple room -> Double room) can be applied when students arrive at the school, and prior consultation must be done with the Manager.
  • Students applying for IELTS, TOEIC, Business and TESOL must satisfy the entry level requirements of those courses.
  • Junior students applying for Junior ESL course need to study with their parent or guardian.
  • We are not allowed to delegate their parent or guardians’ classes to the Junior student.
  • Students whose class attendance is below 90% cannot get their certificate upon completion of the course.
  • Students must inform the school on specific matters or health conditions (e.g. allergy, sickness / disease, physical disabilities).
  • Students must agree and comply with the school’s terms and conditions, policies, rules and regulations before enrollment.

Course Extension Policy and Procedure


  • Students who require an extension must consult with the Academic Manager at least 4 weeks before their last day of school. Tuition fees for the extension should be paid 2 weeks before the first day of the new classes.

Refund Policy

  • Students who are enrolled in Philinter are entitled to a refund once they cancel their study or change their course. All refund will be subjected to the rules and regulations of the institution provided below.?????????????????

    1. Students who wish to change their course should decide within the first week of their study period. Otherwise, it will no longer be refundable.
    2. Once the student finally decided to change their course within the first week of study, one (1) week of the total tuition fee will be deducted from the refund. Students will start on their new course on the following week given that all refunds and payments have been settled.
    3. Though students are allowed to downgrade their course on the succeeding weeks with no refund.
    4. If a student wants to change course higher than the price of their original course, the student will be subjected to the availability of the slots of the preferred course. The student will also have to pay the amount of difference of the given course.


    1. Students who want to cancel their enrollment three (3) weeks before arrival in Philinter will be given 100% refund of their tuition fee and accommodation fee. Registration Fee will not be included in the refund.
    2. Students who want to cancel their enrollment two (2) weeks before arrival in Philinter will be deducted with the Registration Fee, 1-week tuition fee and 1-week accommodation fee. The remaining amount after all the deductions have been made shall be the amount to be refunded to the student.
    3. Students who want to cancel their enrollment one (1) week before arrival in Philinter will be deducted with the Registration Fee, 2-weeks tuition fee and 2-weeks accommodation fee. The remaining amount after all the deductions have been made shall be the amount to be refunded to the student.
    4. Students whose study period are less than four (4) weeks and decided to cancel before their arrival in Philinter will be deducted with the Registration fee and 30% of the total payment (tuition and accommodation). The remaining 70% of the tuition fee and accommodation fee will be refunded to the student.


    1. Students who opted to reduce their study period within the first week of their stay will be given a 70% refund of the total tuition fee and accommodation fee of the remaining weeks.
    2. Students who decided to reduce their study period on the following weeks after the first week will be subjected to the refund policies of the school where:
      1. For a remaining period of four (4) weeks and above, 50% of the accommodation fee only of the remaining weeks will be refunded to the student.
      2. For a remaining period of less than four (4) weeks, no refund will be given to the student at all.


    1. All school promotions shall be counted as a deduction and cannot be included as part of the refund for the student.
    2. In case of death in the immediate family such as parents, siblings, spouse or child, 60% of the tuition fee and accommodation fee can be claimed as refund on the remaining term. However a death certificate or any medical document must be presented as a proof before the refund will be released. No proof, no refund.
    3. Whether the student is delayed or does not show up on the designated date of arrival, no refund will be given to the student at all.
    4. Students who are expelled and who violated the school rules and regulations will not be given any refund.
    5. Students who wanted to make changes on their study period or changes on their courses shall inform the office during working hours only from Mondays to Fridays from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM except Weekends and Holidays. This shall be strictly followed at all times.
    6. Official holidays in the Philippines are considered to be a “No Class” day for students and shall therefore give them time to relax. Although, there may be times where Philinter will conduct Special Classes to students depending on the longevity of the holidays. In this case, students will be updated from time to time for special announcements. In addition, these holidays shall be considered to be part of the payment for the entire study period and students will not be given any refund on these days.
    7. All refunds will be computed accordingly and an invoice will be issued to students to give them a breakdown to itemize the total amount that they need to settle.

Rules & Regulations

  • Students are strictly prohibited from bringing alcohol and hazardous items like explosives, flammable gasses and/or liquids, firearms, knives, weapons of any sort (An inspection of your personal belongings at the main gate will be done).
  • Theft, vandalism, acts of violence and assault are forbidden.
  • Unauthorized entry into the school building after regular class hours is forbidden (the school building is closed at 6:00 pm).
  • Students must comply with the Dress Code policy and ID cards must be worn at all times inside the school building.
  • Dress Code: wear appropriate clothing in class (no hot pants, mini-skirts, tank tops and so on).
  • Personal hygiene is important. Be conscious of sweat and halitosis (bad breath).
  • Students shall not be allowed use their cell phones during class. It must be turned off or put into silent mode during a regular class.
  • Students shall use the title ‘Teacher’ before the name of their teacher and act with proper classroom etiquette as well as follow the instructions of the teachers in class.
  • Respect for other cultures is important so avoid sensitive topics that may create an uncomfortable atmosphere (e.g. religion, politics, wars and so on).
  • Do not dominate the class, give other students time to talk and refrain from giving insulting remarks on others’ opinions.
  • Guests are not allowed to enter the campus (Permission is needed from the Manager if the student has any visitor).
  • If you lose your room key please notify the office (penalty: 1,000 pesos).
  • Bringing out dishes or spoons from dining area is strictly prohibited (penalty: 500 pesos)
  • Students should come to the office to change classes and/or teachers, fill-in the Class Change Form with his buddy teacher and submit it to a member of the academic department in-charge of the scheduling. Once done, students should reconfirm the changes.
  • If the student decides to change a course, it must be decided within a week. Otherwise it is no longer refundable.
  • If students are absent in any class more than twice a week without permission, that class will be deleted and that student cannot take that class for 4 weeks.
  • Students must always be punctual. If students come to class 10 minutes after the time, the 1on1 class is automatically cancelled, and the student is marked absent. For group classes the late student cannot enter the class.
  • There is a designated smoking area in the school campus, students are strictly prohibited from smoking inside the school or dormitory room.
  • Students are not allowed to move furnishings or interfere with electrical network or any other installations in the room.
  • Students shall stay in their assigned rooms. They shall not change nor move to another room without permission.
  • Students shall buy daily necessities such as tissue, soap, toothbrush, etc.
  • Students are prohibited from entering the rooms of the opposite sex.
  • The room does not have an individual safety deposit box. Students must safeguard their personal belongings.
  • Students shall not make excessive noise between 10:00 pm to 7:00 am especially near the dormitory, smoking & swimming pool areas.
  • Students are not allowed to have food delivery service to create an academic atmosphere and to keep the environment always clean.
  • The dormitory check-out time is 1:00 pm on the last day of the study period.
  • Students shall not be allowed to go out during regular class hours (8:00 am to 5:00 pm). But if the student needs to go out for personal reasons (such as go to the bank or post office), the student can go out provided that a Gate Pass must be filled-in and signed by an office manager. When the student goes out, the student should also fill in the logbook (Entry & Exit Record) at the main gate.
  • Before leaving, deposit your ID and key to gate guard. The student must not record the names of other students in the logbook (Those caught doing this will be given a warning or will be expelled).
  • Students shall keep the Curfew Regulation (curfew time: Sunday – Friday 10:00 pm, Saturday and the Eve of public holidays 12:00am)
  • Students are allowed to stay out from Friday to Sunday and a night before a holiday because there are no classes the next day but students should submit a Travel Stay-Out Form and Safety Precaution
  • Agreement up to 5:00 pm in the office. Students must fill out both forms at the same time. If students come back to school between curfew time (10:00 pm – 6:00 am or 12:00 am – 6:00 am), students violate the curfew regulation.
  • Generally, students are not permitted to stay out on weekdays. However, if family comes to visit, students can get a special document after consulting with the Manager.
  • Students shall follow swimming pool regulation:
    • Time of usage: 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm (Monday – Friday), 1:00 pm – 9:00 pm (Saturday), 8:00 am
    • 9:00 pm (Sunday / Holidays)
    • Students should take a shower, wear a swimsuit and a cap before using the pool.
    • Students are not allowed to dive or do any dangerous stunts.


  • Those caught committing the following offenses will be expelled without refund:
  • Serious insubordination or willful disobedience towards any school representative
  • Going to Casinos or Gambling
  • Stealing
  • Going out without permission after curfew time
  • Spreading rumors and derogatory remarks in the Internet
  • Defamation of Philinter
  • Entering the dormitory rooms of the opposite Gender
  • Failure to report to authorized personnel after damaging school property (Fine equivalent to the property’s cost / repair expenses will be charged to the student as a penalty)
  • Having a romantic relationship with a teacher (The teacher will also be expelled)
  • Using narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, drinking alcohol in the school
  • Engaging in prostitution
  • And other analogous causes based on the school rules & regulations


Students caught committing the following offenses three times will be Expelled

  • Curfew violation
  • Bringing of guests inside the school and dormitory without permission
  • Unauthorized possession and/or use of school keys to open restricted areas
  • Attempting to bring alcohol in the school
  • Smoking inside the room or any other place except the designated smoking area
  • Making excessive noise after 10:00 pm. (Be respectful of fellow students.)
  • And other analogous causes based on the school rules & regulations

Exemptions and Rights

  • Philinter cannot be held responsible in cases of natural disasters, war, unexpected events, airline delays or cancellations and so on.
  • Philinter shall not be held responsible regarding accidents happening outside the school premise due to circumstances beyond Philinter’s reasonable control such as any loss of life, accidents, diseases, loss or damage of property and so on.
  • Students can only be compensated by claiming from their insurance company and its policy.
  • Classes are held from Monday to Friday, 5 Days a week.
  • Philinter has the right to change the courses and its commencement dates; tuition fees as a result of changes in exchange rates, changes in government laws, or other reasons beyond our control.
  • Students who show no interest in studying through non-attendance and curfew violation, will be cautioned and finally expelled if there is no change in behavior.
  • Any severe damage done to the reputation of the school will result to immediate expulsion.
  • Compensation cannot be claimed by the student.
  • Philinter has the right to inform the student’s home and agent before and after expulsion of the student.

For more information, please check our website at www.philinter.com (Terms and Conditions). You
should understand and consent to the school rules and refund regulations.