Airport Pickup

Airport Pick-up Schedule

Philinter?would like to inform you that starting?January 1, 2015 there will be an additional Pick-Up Fee:

  • Weekends (6:00AM Saturday ? 3:00 AM Monday)?: 800 pesos
  • Weekdays (3:00AM Monday ? 6:00AM Saturday) ?: 1,200 pesos

Mactan – Cebu International Airport Guide Map
Pick-up place (look for Philinter picket)
Outside the airport: immigration section; custom clearance


Documents and information to be given include:

  • Passport
  • Disembarkation card
  • Arrival card
    • Purpose: tour
    • Accommodation: Waterfront Hotel
    • Duration of stay: 2 weeks (temporary visa/ 30 days stay)
  • After claiming the baggage, go to the custom declaration counter
  • Arrival reminder
    • Mactan ? Cebu International Airport is always crowded with tourists and travelers
  • On arrival, it is recommended that you follow the disembarkation procedure below:?

Disembarkation Procedure:

Once you have disembarked from your plane, follow the signs to the Baggage Claim. Once you arrive there, check the monitors to find the carousel that corresponds to your flight number. Be prepared to surrender your luggage tags to any security personnel. At the immigration counter, have your documents screened and cleared. Then proceed to customs to have your goods checked. This is the final area.

We don’t provide the airport see off service since Mactan – Cebu International Airport is just near the school.

Things to know:

  • ?A few days prior to your arrival at Mactan ? Cebu International Airport, an e-mail with the profile of the pick-up staff will be sent in order for you to recognize him/her easily.
  • When you go out of the arrival area, you will see a Philinter staff bringing the “PHILINTER” picket.
  • Remember the face, name, contact number by referring to the pick-up staff profile sent to you.
  • ?It takes 5 minutes from the airport to Philinter. The pick-up staff will guide you all the way from the airport to your dormitory room.
  • If there are any changes of the flight schedule, whether a delay of arrival or departure, kindly notify the school before departure.
  • Once you arrive in Philinter, contact your family immediately.