School Activities

Monthly Activities

Monthly activity is done to achieve the following goals:

  • Application of students’ skills through public performance;
  • Creating a bond between students and teachers for both to achieve a more conducive environment;
  • Learning in fun but academic ways through enjoyable activities;
  • Providing opportunities for talented students to showcase their innate talents in dancing, singing, and others.

Monthly activity stages

1. Audition/ Elimination
Participants are screened if qualified for the contest
2. Practice
3. Finals


Winners are given medals, tokens and certificates.

  • Mr. & Ms. Philinter

This is the search for the ambassador and ambassadress of Philinter Education Center. The search is done annually. Candidates undergo different stages where their English skill is tested such as a job interview, telephoning and the likes.

  • Section Wars

This is the battle between four section cubicles. The section competes through different challenges that they have to compete. Challenges are all related to developing English skills. Both teachers and students participate in this event. The section that can win most of the challenges becomes the champion of the year.

  • Spelling Bee

Students’ spelling ability is exposed and measured in this activity. Participants’ vocabulary and listening skills are also being tested.

  • Speech Contest

This is also known as expository speech contest where contestants write an essay to be delivered to an audience without reading. This activity mainly develops student’s confidence of speaking the English language.

  • Philinter’s Got Talent

This emposes Student’s talents other than English such as dancing, singing, playing an instrument, and others.

  • Valentine’s Day
  • Costume Contest

  • Stage Play

Outreach Program

Immersion programs or community involvement is a priority. In such way students could extend learning the English language outside the school campus. Not only learning English, they could also reach their hands to people who are in need.

Community outreach programs are done once or twice a year and or depending on how much calamities like typhoon, earthquake, etc. affect any area in the country. Outreach programs are not only conducted for calamity victims but also for those who are less fortunate such as those people who have special needs, kids who are taken care in a charity, and others.

In 2013, Philinter Education Center was involved in three outreach activities: Tabang Bohol for the earthquake victims; donated cash to Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) for the typhoon victims ; and gave goods to typhoon victims personally at Airbase, Mactan.

Graduation Ceremony

In recognition for students who successfully completed the course, graduation ceremony is conducted every Friday at 5:00 pm at the school lobby.

In a formal setup, students are given a certificate by their buddy teacher during the ceremony. Each student gives a speech to share their struggles and achievements and to thank everyone who has been part of their success. This is the most sensitive part for a student.

Also, graduates, their respective friends and teachers think this is the best time to offer graduates their gifts and students have a chance to express themselves through singing, dancing, or others.

Moreover, students who have excellent performance on the Power Tests and the Progress Tests are awarded with a certificate on Graduation Day.