Student Care & Guidance

Buddy Teacher

  • The buddy teacher is one of the student’s assigned class teachers
  • Assists the student when changing his/her classes.
  • Academic Counselor
  • Helps the student in preparing for exams

Resource Support

  • We will provide and support academic resources as?well as videos and mp3 files related to English.

Academic Counseling

  • Academic Counseling is an assistance program that helps?students aquire more effective and efficient study skills.
  • Following a test, various kinds of feedback come out such?as comparison with previous results or consultation on?the future learning direction, adjustment in curriculum,?instructors and rewards.

Student Health Service

  • The School offers basic health services to the?members of its diverse student community and?promotes optimum health among the students.
  • We have a Clinic Room and an available standby?School Nurse in school.
  • A Medical Doctor is available every Friday for consultation?and check-up.
  • Medical Doctor is on-call in case of emergency.

HouseKeeping & Laundry Service

  • Room cleanup services for residents, including change of bedsheets, curtains, etc..
  • Regular Maintenance Checkup to keep and maintain?room facilities
  • Laundry services offered twice a week for either heavy?or light clothing

Orientation Service

  • The New Student Orientation Service is conducted?every Monday. It is designed to provide you with?information about school facilities, rules, regulations,?programs & services.
  • It also helps you uncover the answers to the?questions that you have about Philinter.